Palate Pleasing Perfection

A masterful blend of all natural, fresh ingredients. With no additives or preservatives - our hot sauces and marinades are sure to enhance any meal.

Images courtesy of Robbies Jamaican Cuisine Catering Service

  • Your seasoning reminds me of how my granny used to blend seasoning. I use it on everything. So it's time to re-order..thanks!

    - Nevella M, Brampton ON Canada -

  • I heard about Essence Of Flavour at work. Being from New York, I missed my mother's green seasoning - and buying them from stores was always hit or miss. Nonetheless, after havng this all natural seasoning - I literally put it on everything! I mean...putting it in eggs shrimp, chicken, soup and callaloo. It's one of the best investments of flavour I've made thus far.

    - Kurt S, Brampton ON Canada -

  • It has been about two years since I was introduced to this unique brand of seasoning and pepper sauce, and I must say this is a game changer. The natural ingredients that are found in this product does wonders for your food prep and the taste that resides in your mouth and belly will have you wanting more. This product will make the least experienced chef seem like a seasoned pro...with just a little bit of Essence Of Flavour.

    - Easton P, Montreal QC Canada -

  • Essence of Flavour truly has the essence of flavor. I LOVE the variety of sauce offerings from Pepper Pot to Hot Lava. Each sauce is pleasant with a sweet kick of heat to the palate. I love Hot Chocolate - the fruitiness of the chocolate habanero compliments any dish. Pepper Pot is delicious for any breakfast, brunch or dinner. Hot Lava is tastefully spicy and leaves you wanting more. Essence Of Flavour deliciously delightful!

    - Lenox M, Visalia California, USA -

  • Essence Of Flavour's spice and hot peppers are the truth!! They have become a must have in our home. We use it in absolutely everything we're cooking, and it makes everything taste better! I gave them 10 stars because 5 is just not enough!

    - Shelly MR, Brampton ON Canada -

  • Coming all the way from the sunshine state, Essence Of Flavour's Pepper Pot hot sauce is tangy and has a firey edge. 10/10 recommendation. The Signature Blend is a must add to all my vegan dishes. It took my vegan Beefless Stew, Bok Choy and Couscous dish all the way to the top.

    - Dana's Vegan Delight, Fort Lauderdale FL USA -

  • I must say, I didn't expect this seasoning from Canada would have such an authentic taste to my traditional Jamaican flavours. I was impressed. Since my first try of the Signature Blend a year ago, it has been a regular member of my kitchen. I have also added Hot Lava to the family

    - Fitzroy S, Orange Bay Hanover Jamaica

  • The Light Blend was a perfect pairng for my vegan Jerk Mushroom dish. It made my life so much easier. No need to cut up a bunch of ingredients, just a couple of tablespoons did the job. I am not big on spice, but my husband is. So the perfect compromise was him adding a couple of dashes of Hot Chocolate. My son perfers Hot!

    - Darlene H, Fort McMurray AB Canada -

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